Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's all in the Breathe

I just had an epiphany while doing my yoga. It's all in the breathe. Yes, I know we are always talking about pranayama, breathing exercises, etc., but as much as I realized on a mental level the importance of all if this, I never really understood it in my being. This morning, as I was doing my yoga practice, I realized that upon releasing the asanas, I became a little breathless. Not panting or struggling, just that I needed two seconds to catch my breathe. And then it hit me: it's the breathe that pulls me together, it's the breathe that holds me together, it's all about the breathe. And then, my awakening went further and I realized that all of the talk about how all human beings are united, we are the same, the world is connected,etc...
All of it became true to me because of the awareness of the breathe. Do we not all breath the same air? Is not your air the same exact air that I breath? And since the air is one continuous flow of energy that keeps us all alive, are we not all connected by this same breath of air? Of course, reading this one might say that it is logical. And of course, it is. But this morning it went beyond logic for me. It became real. And now I must learn how to use my breathe to connect my inner self. But how? I don't want to read anymore books on 'breathing exercises'. I am so tired of books. Words words words. I need to find the key and the only way is through experience. I need to find this out. And I will. 

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