Friday, August 9, 2013

Letting go of coffee. No more attachment!

I am trying to quit drinking coffee. I used to drink a large, cup of Italian coffee in the morning and then, in the afternoon perhaps a large, strong, green tea. The idea of quitting came to me a couple of months ago. Out of the blue, my body started telling me it was time to quit this addiction. Yes, addiction. I cannot wake up or function properly without my dose of Italian caffeine in the morning. And I just love the taste. Even when I travel, I always (used to always) take my Italian moka coffee pot and Italian coffee with me. I can adjust to anything else, but just the idea of not drinking my coffee would send a shiver of panic down my spine. Now you know why I want to quit. No attachment means these small things, too.

 Let me give you some background here. I am a strict vegetarian (ex-fish/sushi lover. I am half-Japanese). I no longer drink alcohol (ex-professional Italian wine sommelier).  I practice yoga asanas and I meditate every day. I left the big city (Milan, Italy) to move to the mountains (Chamonix Mont Blanc). All of these things happened to me quite naturally because I am flowing back to the Ocean, back to the Mother, so any decision that was made happened because it was the right moment and my entire being was in harmony with these decisions. There was no struggle on my part. My body and mind needed to be cleansed and quiet so the rest came easy. It was only a matter of time before my body and mind informed ME that the coffee had to go. It was (is) the only thing left.
I don’t want to be dependent on anything. I do not want to be attached to anything. I do not want to need anything, except peace of mind.
I want to know and love my own mind and this is impossible if I am filling it with stimulants.
I want to know and love my own body and this is impossible if I am filling it with toxins.
I do not accept that something exterior wakes me up or makes me perform better. I can do that by myself but I must allow the self to work for me.
Right now, my entire body is screaming  and sweating for some coffee but my mind is laughing! My mind is happy with this decision. There is a clear separation of the ME that is content and the physical body that is behaving capriciously. I am understanding what it means to look at the body from a different perspective. I am not suffering, quite the contrary, I am feeling happier, cleaner….it’s the body that is suffering (a little, let’s not exaggerate here…I am not a caffeine crazed addict). The more my body wants the caffeine fix, the more I realize that I have made the right decision. No turning back now. I want to be 100% free of any kind of attachment, as simple and insignificant as it may appear.
For the past two days, I have significantly reduced my coffee intake and in moments of ‘crisis’, I have allowed myself a cup of green tea. Tomorrow, Saturday (no radio show to present), I will completely stop the coffee. I will try not to drink green tea in the morning. Perhaps just one in the afternoon if I am feeling too much withdrawal. We shall see. Or perhaps I’ll book a 5 hour private yoga class with Alejandra (Campos)!

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger J