Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My first encounter with the Vedas....

A friend of mine and also a very knowledgable man on the Vedas, Siddhartha Krishna from Rishikesh, kindly suggested some good books in English on the Vedas and Vedanta for me to read. I have not yet had too much time to read them, but today I picked one up (Initiation to the Vedas by Raimundo Panikkar) and opened it up randomly. This is the first phrase I read, so my first encounter with the Vedic thought:
Antaram mrtyor amrtam:
'Death does not die and thus within death itself there is immortality'.

I am speechless.
If one can truly assimilate and absorb this reality into every cell of ones' being, and know it as Truth, then no more questions need to be asked. The greatest fear which is of death, vanishes and one is left totally fearless.
It is the Ultimate Truth.
I am about to embark on a very interesting journey. 

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