Saturday, March 22, 2014

Duality, the union of the Energy Forces

In yoga, we often discuss the theme of duality and how to become one, unique, through a transformation of the body and the mind. But this morning it occurred to me that all in Nature, all in life is a balance through the duality, and not fighting or questioning the duality. It is not through the annihilation of the so-called opposing forces but a blend, a synergy, an amalgamation of these forces that a bond, a unity can be created. So in both energies, all energies are present. By eliminating one or the other, we polarize the energies, which only makes the unity impossible. How can a match create a flame if we keep the match far from the wood? To annihilate or ignore one energy is a slow death, a suicide, because the one part cannot exist on its own.

If one looks deeply at Nature, one will see that Male energy and Female energy are present in all living things: it is through the combining of these that the highest energy sours. If one attempts on ones own to find this unity, he or she will soon be caught up in conflict and frustration due to the impossibility of this endeavor because one of the main alchemic ingredients is lacking. Where there is conflict, there is confusion, and that is when one begins the rat race inside ones own mind, the dog chasing its own tail.  It is a losing battle.
I ask myself: How can one exhale without inhaling? How can one blink an eye without opening it?  The mind itself is divided into two parts, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. It is through the balance of the two sides - the TWO sides - that we find some sort of ‘peace of mind’. It is only the heart that is one, undivided in its true nature.  So how to reach the heart? How to become one with one’s own heart? Only through Love. And love can only come about through a connection of the energy sources. Not through denial, not through judgment or fear but by opening up the heart to everything that comes its way until, through the burning, transforming fire, we are molded into One. In the same way that the Earth’s heat and pressure, through volcanic magma, transform coal into a diamond (‘diamond’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘adamas’ which means ‘unalterable’). But the volcanic magma must cool in order for the diamond to come into its true form so once again, the duality of the energies must work together, they must come together and for them to come together they must first be allowed to meet.
If we can truly understand the book of Nature, is any other book really necessary?

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