Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Woman's Path to Enlightenment

I just read a fascinating interview in Spanish on Irina Tweedie, an illuminated English-Russian woman who had spent the second half of her life (after she turned 52) living in India with a Sufi guru in his ashram. He told her something very interesting about spiritual transformation that she mentions in this interview. You see, the guru did not give her any special practices or 'sadhanas' to perform while she lived in the ashram, he was just there with her, and he just allowed her to be. What he told her was:  'A boy/man needs to perform a lot of sadhanas because a man's energy functions in a totally different way than that of a woman. Women need almost no sadhana. She reaches the realization just by being a woman.'

What he said rings true to me. This of course does not mean that for a woman reaching a higher level of understanding or enlightenment is any easier, in fact because of how society has (under)developed it is probably much harder. It is not at all easy for a woman to even tap into her true feminine nature and nurture it because women have to deal with so many practical responsibilities of everyday life; husbands, children, homes, etc., so a women's path is not made less arduous just because their is no 'instruction or practice'. And, most importantly, the right male element is needed to 'ignite' the transformation in her. It is probably more than one significant male figure that lights the path in a woman's life. (This is of course true for men, too, since they are born through a woman). This Sufi guru was absolutely in symbiosis with his own feminine side and that is why he understood women so well.
What are your thoughts on this?

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