Thursday, August 7, 2014

The War Within

Taking sides in a war is creating another kind of conflict. But it does teach us about human conditioning and how social, cultural, and political conditioning keeps us in shackles. If we choose sides, it’s only because we are puppets in the political game. Choosing a side undoubtedly creates a division and division is conflict, which is how wars begin in the first place. From both a physics and spiritual point of view, our timeline is a continuum; it has no beginning or end. So just for discussion’s sake, if we look at the timeline of forever, every country at one point or another has been in a war. Every country has obliterated or killed. So it is fair to say that a country that is not in war at the present, was once in a war in the so-called past and most certainly will be in a war in the so-called future. Time cannot be divided because it is a continuum so where does that place us? We are all the same because we are all in the same timeline.  
It is interesting to consider that the Israelis and the Palestinians were born of the same father, Abraham. If we take a look at history, we will see that the most vicious and heinous wars were the civil wars. Makes one think about the concept of brotherly love, doesn’t it?