Friday, May 15, 2015

Acceptance vs. Tolerance

In recent times, I have seen the word ‘tolerant’ used quite often in a positive sense. Personally, I don’t think this word is very positive because it denotes a sense of ‘even though I don’t like or understand you, I will put up with you’. It gives a sense of condescension that I find disturbing. I think instead of being tolerant towards others, we should be more accepting.

Acceptance is better than tolerance. Acceptance takes you to a higher form of understanding. 


  1. Acceptance or Tolerance - an individual decision maybe to select any.

    1. Of course one can always choose. One can choose between darkness and light, anger and peace, love and hate so why not choose the one that takes us to higher level of consciousness? Why not make the choice that has the most love in it? Thanks for your comment Tushar.