Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Love and Suffering

Whom among us has not felt that almost unbearable pain that occurs when our beloved has left us, ‘disappointed’ us, or simply does not reciprocate the love? It can be so painful, you feel as if you want to tear your heart out of your body. Physical pain cannot come even close to emotional pain. It’s terrifying because you feel as if you have no more control over anything. The person you thought you were, is no more. You do and say things you never thought you would do or say. And all the time, you just want the pain to go away. Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? It is. Yet, we can’t wait to fall in love again. It takes great courage to really love someone, fearlessly and unconditionally. If we can truly love one person in our lifetimes, then we can love everyone. Relationship love is a gift from God because it forces us to look at ourselves. That kind of love has the capacity to burn away the falsity created by the ego. Unfortunately, as soon as the pain ends, we forget what was revealed and we yearn to get back on that rollercoaster. And then the vicious, illusion of love repeats itself until one day, you realise that Love has nothing to do with how our five senses perceive it. Love doesn’t begin and/or end. It is a constant flow, independent of all outer perceptions. At that moment, one gets off the rollercoaster ride of one to one ‘relationships’ and begins the lifelong Love relationship within him or herSelf, with The One. But the only way to really know this, is to go through it.

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