Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Dharma Endeavour

Staying on the path of dharma is a constant struggle. I have recently finished the Mahabharata and this book clearly teaches us how easy it is to forget what one has learned and fall prey once again to the ‘demons' in our minds. In fact, at the end of this great epic, it is only Yudhishthir (the eldest of the five Pandavs brothers) who makes it to the top of Mount Meru (Vaikuntha, the highest heaven) while the other 4 Pandav brothers and their wife Draupadi, die on the way and end up in Nark (hell). Even the great Arjun ends up in Nark because of his conceit. After Krishna leaves their lives, they forget their dharma, thus turning their backs on the higher wisdom they had thus far acquired. 
Thank God we are able, from time to time, to see glimmers of Light which instills hope within, but most of the time we are swimming in a pool of darkness. As Kalidas wrote, 'Laughing, I watch the fish drowning in water.’ 
That is what we are, fish drowning in water, birds falling from the air.

We are in our own element yet we see it not, hence the constant struggle.  

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