Monday, June 15, 2015

Boundaries are Illusions

Boundaries are illusions. They do not exist. We create them in and around us deceiving ourselves into thinking that they will give us security when the opposite is true. They imprison us. Instead of fearing the unknown vastness of space in and around us, we should fear the boundaries for they are the real nemesis. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Subjective or Objective? Vairagya....

Subjective or objective? I was re-listening to one of Br. Siddhartha Krishna’s (my teacher) Upanishad classes as taught at the Omkarananda Patanjala Yoga Kendra in Rishikesh and, in this particular class, the subject of subjectivity and objectivity came up. Listening to the class for the second time, it got me thinking about this topic because if the difference between subjective and objective is not fully understood, then lack of vairagya will inevitably be the result. 
So what exactly does it mean to be objective? I thought about this for a while and if we want to avoid giving examples, which could further confuse us, I think that objectivity has certain simple qualities. First of all, there is a ‘truth value’ to it. Therefore, if there is a truth value to it then if there is a disagreement, someone will be wrong. To establish this, there must be a method for determination, such as sight, sound, or touch. Example: Fire is hot, it will burn you. If someone disagrees, you can tell them, ‘touch the flame and you will see’. This is objective. It is not a matter of opinion (opinions are a waste of time…but that is for another post!)
If something is subjective, the total opposite will be true. There will be no one truth and people can disagree without being wrong. A subjective claim is a matter of preference. 

I think everyone will agree that everything has an objective value to it.
Why is this important to us? Because, it is at the base of vairagya. We must try to be as objective as possible. If you give something more value than what it objectively has, you end up clinging to it.You give it a subjective importance that can only lead to attachment.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our wavering emotions....

'Said the weather-cock to the wind, “How tedious and monotonous you are! Can you not blow any other way but in my face? You disturb my God-given stability.”
And the wind did not answer. It only laughed in space.'
Kahlil Gibran
How we so quickly and readily blame others for our own wavering emotions and unsteadiness! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Mithya मिथ्या Illusion. Barriers of fear we create in our minds that can seem so real, they paralyse us for lifetimes on end. We talked about this is one of the Upanishad classes as taught by Br. Siddhartha Krishna. Mithya is like the mist, the fog. It's there because you can see it, yet you can't see through it; it blinds you and this creates fear. What is in there? What is on the other side? The fear of the unknown immobilises us. However if one has the courage and the faith to walk through it, head held high and heart steadfast, he or she will immediately realise that it wasn't real. There was nothing to be afraid of. The fog will dissipate and lift, allowing clarity to prevail. Just take that first step or if necessary, that Hanuman leap of faith.