Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why Was I Born in the Place in Which I Was Born?

Why was I born where I was born? I have been looking at, and not judging, the Karmic influence on people of countries where religion molds their every thought and emotion in contrast to countries where this depth of history is not present. It has nothing to do with which is better or worse, bad or good...it's just something I have been looking at. It is absolutely possible to look at something without judging or criticising it, without putting it into a category, just looking at it, carefully.
In the US, where every religion is present, there are no dominating religions, and cultures and traditions change with every generation, people don't have the 'weight' of history that can give them depth, yet this same history/culture/tradition can bog one down and cloud one’s minds. But, instead of using this ‘weightlessness’ to our advantage, we run around searching for some kind of foundation, 'something to believe in'. We become like chickens, i.e., birds with wings that cannot fly, continuously pecking the ground for bits of something here and there. On the other hand, in countries where religion, culture, and tradition are deeply rooted into people's everyday lives, people tend to lose their free will to think. We get so attached to our roots we become like horses with blinders, only seeing what is just in front of our noses. Instead of using the depth of our history to dig further, we sit pompously on the crumbling mound of dirt we call our home convinced it is the only place of truth and beauty in the world.