Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Fleeting (aren't they all?) Thought on Consciousness

If we use a metaphor to describe consciousness, can we not say that it is the light whose rays when reflected upon the processes of the mind 'bring them to life'? In the same way, literally and not metaphorically, the reflection of the sun's rays on all objects in its path, bring them to a form of existence?
The objects on earth, animate and inanimate, are flowing through space and time as one, just as thoughts flow through our consciousness. 
When light is there, they appear.  
We differentiate ourselves from the Light-Consciousness and believe our thoughts to be the truth, which eventually creates deception, conflict, and misery when that so called truth transforms.
We also believe that everything under the sun exists separately one from the other and this, too, brings us to the same miserable end. 
Can light exist if it has nothing upon which to reflect?

Does pure consciousness exist if thoughts become formless?